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Cold calling can be one of the most powerful, expedient and cost-effective marketing tools if executed brilliantly and augmented with insight that challenges the status quo.


Even though I am a strong supporter of strategic marketing based on demand and I also invest in premium lead generation services from the largest professional networking website in the world, the fact remains that if I could have one tool in my sales box, it would be the telephone.

I can assure you that I would not be sitting there waiting for it to ring. 21st-century elite sales professionals are world-class teachers. They reframe their customer’s thinking by teaching them what they don’t know but should. The professionals lead with hypotheses of customer’s needs.

This is informed by their own experience and insightful industry research. However, they don’t do this by leading with open-ended questions. The cold calling professionals deliver a pitch that gives a solution to a certain problem, not with it. They concentrate on selling the significance of a specific problem that the products they are selling solve and not the product itself.

Cold Calling As A Business Sales Approach

If you think that cold calling is all about picking up a telephone and asking for a person whose name you don’t know and with a generic job title and think that all you have is to come up with a canned sales pitch, then I am afraid that you are totally wrong. What concerns me is the notion that phone prospecting is no longer as effective as it used to be.

What I have come to realise and what most of my friends who deliver 200% and more of their sales targets have also come to realise is that the telephone marketing is a very effective tool that can rapidly reach a targeted audience.

Experienced cold callers usually acknowledge that their call was not expected and deliver a line that catches their prospect’s attention respectfully. This gives them an additional 60 seconds to come up with a carefully crafted and succinct pitch that provides a new perspective on a certain problem.

They will, therefore, deliver insight hence providing value. Good salespeople fully understand the value of every minute of their work day and focus on calling prospects who meet a certain profile.

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Cold Calling – Are You Crazy?

If cold calling terrifies you, then look for someone who has mastered it and learn everything you can from them. Most of the people you can learn from are found at the top of their company’s sales organization.

However, this skill is rare and many sales professionals are closers and pitchers and asking them to cold call is like an insult or brings them out in a cold sweat. Let your closers close the deals, use experts to open the door in the first place. Hire an expert team, let them be your lead generators, let them set appointments for you, use their skills and ability to work for your business and let your sales people do what they do best

Being able to cold call in a relaxed, confident and professional manner will open up a whole new income stream and enable you to be in control of your income, sales figures, and pipeline.

Cold calling is very effective in finding prospects who are willing to buy your products and is a very good prospecting tool. Get a quote from a professional telemarketing company today using