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Telesales & Telemarketing, it screams to some people low quality churning through end numbers, like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Today, the growth and sustainability of business relies heavily on telephone prospecting. While it’s only one way, it is an undeniably important aspect of the business model. Businesses that are proactive in their pursuit of new customers, tend to be more successful than business that follow a reactionary model, waiting for orders to come in or the phone to ring.

Every business loses customers for a wide variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with the quality of the goods or services provided. These reasons can range from downsizing and switching vendors, even to the unfortunate event of a customer’s death. Telephone prospecting can help your business to not only replace these lost customers, but also to continue to grow.

Telesales & Telemarketing – The Anti-Prospecting Detractors

There certainly are detractors out there who’ll swear that telesales & telemarketing is obsolete. They lump all phone prospecting into one category, “cold calling.” While it is true that cold calling in the strictest sense is ineffective, the same is not true of all types of telephone prospecting. These anti-cold-calling detractors have profited upon fears of cold calling by selling books and instructional programs in a variety of venues. A quick search of any eBook retailer will reveal many books authored by these self-proclaimed gurus.

The advice that they give people is to use direct marketing for generating leads. While this is sound advice, and it certainly is preferable to literal cold calling, it does a disservice to the reader by lumping all telephone prospecting together. If you have the time, money, and skills to utilize those types of marketing techniques, I believe that you should take advantage of them.

Telesales & Telemarketing Are Not Synonymous

The fact is, however, that direct marketing (telemarketing) is not selling (telesales). When a sales rep invests his time drafting emails, shipping bulk mailings, and doing other administrative tasks, he is not spending time on the most important aspect of his position: talking to people. Often, when sales people fall into the trap of relying on direct marketing, it is because they are fearful of making the sales calls. They delude themselves into believing that even direct marketing is selling, when in reality, though they may feel that they are busy, they are not closing sales. It’s a form of avoidance behaviour.

When you’ve identified a prospective client that you know would be a great customer, and who would benefit equally from a business relationship, if you rely on a traditional marketing campaign to engage that customer you are likely to have the opportunity slip right through your fingers. To many prospects are lost this way. Even if you didn’t know someone who could introduce you to a prospect, you could pick up the phone and rectify the situation with only a few phone calls.

Those of us who have used telesales & telemarketing to build fortunes have proven the fact that it works. Even more importantly, when it is done the right way, we’ve shown that it can be wildly profitable.

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Bob Etherington, a renowned sales trainer and author of Cold Calling for Chickens, says that about 85% of the market that a business attempts to win ends up going to the 5% of sales people that effectively use cold calling to engage the customer. Though he uses the expression “cold calling,” the method of telephone prospecting that he promotes is not actually not that.

The same can be said for another expert, Paul DiModica, who has proven how effective prospecting can be. In Value Added Selling, he states that the fastest way to increase your business’s sales pipeline, and thereby your revenue, is to cold call – the only way to do that is to start with telesales or telemarketing – depending on whether you want a lead, an appointment or a sale. It is the tool that gets you in front of the CFO of a Fortune 500 company, rather than selling to supervisors at a particular division of that company. He further points out that all the most successful sales positions in the United States rely on cold calling, including commercial insurance sales, stockbrokers, and merger and acquisition people. This is exactly the same in the UK, it’s all comparable.

Telesales & telemarketing is the least expensive, quickest, and most engaging way to make a contact (find an appointment or generate a lead) or go further and secure a sale (telesales). Consider that if you picked up your phone right now, you could call someone that’s never heard of you, and secure a sale minutes later.

More Benefits of Telesales & Telemarketing

  1. With telesales & telemarketing you’re able to compete in a buying process that is already in progress, and win. Surely you’ve been at the receiving end of this. You’ve been in contact with a prospective client over a period of weeks or months, making progress toward securing the client as a new customer, when you’re informed that a competitor has approached the prospect. You’ve done all the grunt work and someone else is attempting to reap all the benefits. You need to be able to become that guy or girl, and telemarketing & telesales will help you to do that.
  2.  Telesales & Telemarketing creates opportunities that never would have materialised otherwise. This may come as a shock, though hopefully it does not, but very few people are actively looking for the goods or services that you are offering. A quick phone call can change that by engaging with a potential customer who otherwise wouldn’t have given your business any thought at all. Not all sales can or will happen on the phone call but building brand and product or service awareness can and does work really well.
  3. Telemarketing & Telesales generates future opportunities. Not every person that you contact will be motivated to act right away, but the seed will be planted for future engagement in those whom you’ve successfully introduced your business to. It’s a matter of timing. Many of the people that you’ll connect with will not be ready to make a purchase on the spot, but they are qualified prospects that you can subsequently add to your “stay-in-touch” marketing campaign. That way, when the time is right, your business will be the first that they think of.
  4. The key to successful telemarketing and appointment or lead generation is not to simply call someone that you don’t know anything about, and give a generic pitch. You need a well-trained staff of expert telemarketers, and if you don’t have them in house, then you need to find a team to hire to make your calls for you.These teams are experts who hone their craft and thrive on picking up a call and introducing what you offer to target clients.

Professional telemarketing companies do a vast amount of research about an individual prospect or a company, before they even make that initial call. They identify the reasons why that prospect would benefit from the goods or services that you offer, and tailor their approach to meet those needs. They combine the information that they’ve garnered with proven prospecting processes and techniques to engage the prospect and to build interest in a way that other callers simply can’t do

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Find out where your existing customers came from. Check out your Google Analytics stats. Did they come from a social media site? Maybe your posts on certain forums has generated some of these leads. No matter the answer, it can help you discover additional strong lead sources and you can build that into your lead generation strategy.

In today’s business world , you really need to combine social media with generating leads. From Twitter to Facebook, it’s a good idea to use these things to help you get more leads. Diversify your campaigns so that you can determine what is working for you.

So many marketers are all focused on online methods so they’re not bothering with direct contact anymore. If you choose telemarketing you’ll stand out. Test out telesales or telemarketing to see if it will work for your company.

Be friendly, but do not try to shove your offers down people’s throats. Pushing too hard may make customers turn elsewhere. People hate and loathe overselling. In fact, you must make sure that a product or service is marketed as a solution. You must solve a problem people or companies are having then you cease ever having to sell, you can just kickstart interesting conversations.

You need to learn how to generate leads for your business to be successful. A stagnating business withers and dies, and you do not want that to happen. Using the advice you just read can help you avoid that fate. Click on our free enquiry form to get free telemarketing quotes about lead generation companies who can help your business today!